Design By Izo Post – Choosing a Font

I recently ran across a nifty article on choosing the right font for a blog. It covers the lack of ambiguity in characters (I versus l versus 1), how easy it is to scan, readability at different sizes, and a variety of other factors. The article actually compares and contrasts 5 different fonts which are gaining popularity across different interfaces. It then makes a final suggestion and gives information on where to download the fonts.

While I don’t necessarily disagree with the analysis – it is very well done – I do disagree with one premise. The author assumes that we are willing to go out and get a new font. Especially on the web, the font has to be contained on the client’s machine, not the developer/poster. I wish this analysis had been done on fonts which are commonly available on a variety of platforms, or at least searched out fonts which are similar on different platforms which match all of the criteria. Requiring my readers to go out and download a font just to view my blog in a good form seems like too much. Especially with the variety of fonts already available on their machines.


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I am a graduate student in Computer Science with a diverse set of interests. They range from sports to whitewater rafting to reading and beyond. Some people would call me impulsive and stubborn. I prefer the terms well-rounded and persistent.
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  1. Mihaela says:

    Typography is making its way into web design. If you are interested, see

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